ONE FIFTH Media Studio is an innovative media company.

Our professional services include art and design, social media management, web design and development.

Our company has a professional, efficient and innovative marketing team that include Chinese and English Editors, Graphic Designers and Web that have the ability to expand your business to your targeted market.

We utilize our professional insight to provide you the opportunity to understand the market, to have a better development in the competitive market.


Our Services

Our design team will work to understand your unique business model to create a seamless and streamlined web design to ensure your website’s development incorporates your business expectations. Transform your personalised platform into a powerful selling device and easy to maintain.

Our Chinese and English Editor familiarised with the trends in Social Media, and able to provides you a well-planned post update for your latest promotion, marketing material and so on to expand your business to a wider community and increase social awareness of your business.

We had a professional team that can express the charm of your company and products, with excellent planning, creative design that produce a product that involves brand concept and consumer preferences.