Chinese Market Development
ONE FIFTH Media has a profound understanding about the demand on Chinese market, we can tailor a personalized marketing plan to promote your local business to the Chinese market, that can increase the social awareness within the Chinese network. For example, published in one of the well-known Chinese advertising media to help local business to create a good brand image in the Chinese network. We setup and manage business account on Chinese social media platform, to allow Chinese audiences to have an in-depth understanding about the business and core competencies. Based on your current business situation, we will be able to find the right marketing strategy, that can give your business a better access to the Chinese market.
ONE FIFTH Media can help your business to create and manage your Chinese social media sites such as WeChat and Weibo account sign up, verification, design, develop and manage statistics to increase your visibility in the Chinese market.
We provide wide range of article forms to support your business:
        Professional Article (Real Estate, Trading Distributors, Banking and Finance)
        News Article (Trending news, News, Social lifestyle)
        Food Article (Recipe, Food recommendations, Restaurant recommendations, Foodie map, Luxury goods)
        Immigration (Analysis, Trending news, Statics analysis)
        Lifestyle (Tips, Discount information, Lifestyle information) 
        Fashion and Beauty (Fashion, Skin care, Latest fashion)
Local Market Development
ONE FIFTH Media also has a profound understanding about the demand on Local market, we can support your business through social media management, clutching the social hot spots, to help your companies to be outstanding in the local market. 

We also provide management support for popular Social Media Sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. Our English editor familiarized with the trends in Social Media, and able to provides you a well-planned post update for your latest promotion, marketing material and so on to expand your business to a wider community and increase social awareness of your business.

graphic design
ONE FIFTH Media has a professional team that can express the charm of your company and products, with excellent planning, creative design and technical implementation abilities. Our outstanding graphic designers help your business to produce the potential of your products via creative solution to enhance the brand value and business benefits. We create high quality restaurant art designs, VI designs and graphic designs for your business.

" Menu, Drink Menu, Banner, Brochure, Flyers, Voucher, Desktop Stands, Packaging Design"
We combine the art and design of the restaurant to strive for perfection with creativity, to produce you with more than just a menu or wine list, but produce a product that involves brand concept and consumer preferences. Our artistic designs build the relationship between you and your customer and give you a full completion on your marketing strategy. Utilize our creativity to boost your sales, and at the same time deliver a good dining experience and a sense of value to the customer.
" Business Logo, Standard Font, Color, Office Supplies, Clothing Apparel, Packaging and other Printed Publications."
VI Business Image Design is combining corporate philosophy, corporate culture, products and services, business norms abstraction to turn into memory and recognizable image of the symbol, and thus create a unique business icon.

A Good VI Business Image Design can increase the credibility and effectiveness of the business and also deepen the customer awareness and memory, therefore business image design plays a vital role in a business.
VI High-end Business Image Design
Website Development
ONE FIFTH Media also has a professional and affordable web designer with over 10 years of experienced on web development that provide quality web design, exceptional graphic designs, digital and branding services that can boost your business visibility in the today’s technology world. 

Our team believed that it’s important to fully understands your expectations to ensure your website’s development incorporates them. Our strategists will conduct a competitor analysis and factor all findings into a comprehensive, easy-to-read proposal.

Working one-on-one with your budget requirements, we’ll design a campaign built on a foundation of accuracy, quality and flawless visual experiences. From search engine optimisation (SEO), through to a complete website overhaul – we’ll deliver you a web development strategy that redefines how you do business. Our team will implement necessary changes and also on-going support to present you a website that sells. We will conduct maintenance and update for your business website to ensures your platform exceeds expectations. 

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